JUNE 1    
Essex Book Festival with Blake Morrison  The Electric Palace, Harwich
JUNE 5     Stisted Church with Martin Newell
JUNE 11  Felixstowe Book Festival with Martin Newell at Trimley
JUNE 24  St Mary’s Church, Wivenhoe with Martin Newell
JUNE 26  Felixstowe Book Festival with Blake Morrison
JULY 1      John Mills Theatre, Ipswich with Bake Morrison
JULY 9      Dunwich Museum with Bake Morrison
JULY 28   Colchester Arts Centre with Bake Morrison
JULY 23   Private event
  Private event
SEPT 3      Private party
SEPT  9     Traditional Music Day, Stowmarket
OCT  15
   Wingfield Barns with Blake Morrison
DEC    9     Unicorn Ceilidhs, Baldock
DEC  31
   New Year’s Eve Clopton Village Hall

Bracknell, Broadstairs, Cromer Pier, St Neots, Sidmouth,  Walton-on-the-Naze, Whitby, Folk East, Latitude,

Walthamstowe / Unicorn Ceilidhs / M27 Megabops / Northampton / Meltdown / Red Fox Ceilidhs / Ceilidhs on the Move / Reel Dance / Third Thursday Ceilidhs (Norwich) / Newick Ceilidhs / Knees Up (Cecil Sharp) / Hastings Old Town Ceilidhs / Toosey Dances / The Round (Cambridge) / Dances in the Barn (Sproughton) / Copford Ceilidhs / Suffolk Folk Riverside Folk Day  / Broadstairs Ceilidhs / White Horse Ceilidhs,/ New Year’s Eve, Cecil Sharp House (x 6) / Unicorn Ceilidhs / Whinburgh Music Festival  / Norfolk Ceilidhs / Oxfolk / Sheringham Park (NT) / Ansell Centre (Hadleigh) / Huntingfield Village Hall (Hub)


Apr     2    Poetrywivenhoe Royal British Legion, Wivenhoe
Aug 23    Folk East
Oct     3    Essex Poetry Festival,  Chelmsford
Nov    6    Hadleigh Folk and Acoustic Music Nights
Nov 14    The John Peel Centre, Stowmarket
Nov 19   Colchester Arts Centre
Dec 10    Poetrywivenhoe Royal British Legion, Wivenhoe
Dec 11    Colchester Firstsite – James Dodds’ Exhibition
Mar    6    Union Chapel, London
Mar 19    Essex Book Festival, First Site, Colchester
Apr    2     Wingfield Barns
Apr 22      Ipswich Library
Jun 26      Felixstowe Book Festival
Jun 29      Harwich Festival
Jul     9       Slackfolk Colchester
Jul  16       Latitude Festival
Aug 11     Broadstairs Folk Week
Aug 21     Folk East
Oct    7     Suffolk Festival of Ideas, Bury St Edmunds
Dec   2     Hadleigh Folk & Acoustic Music Nights
Dec 17    Colchester Arts Centre
May    7    The Cut, Halesworth
May 20    The Ansell Centre, Hadleigh Suffolk
May 24    Bury St Edmunds Festival, Moyses Hall Museum
Jun      4    Glastonwick, West Sussex
Jun   17    Clopton Village Hall, Ceilidh with Poetry
Jun   23    Harwich Festival
Jun   30    Felixstowe Book Festival
Dec     8    Fleece Folk – The Fleece BoxforD
Dec  14   Poetry Wivenhoe
Jun   30   Felixstowe Book Festival
Jul    14    Stisted Church
Jul    21   Westhorpe Village Festival (Longitude)
Aug  18   Folk East
Aug  30   The Sorrel Horse, Shottisham
Oct  19   The Milkmaid Folk Club, Bury St Edmunds
Oct  28   Headgate Theatre, Colchester
Mar 16   Huntingfield Village Hall, The Hub
Mar 22   St Peter’s by the Waterfront, Ipswich
Mar 28   Poetry Wivenhoe
May 31   Waveney Folk Club, Lowestoft
Jun  14    Diss Corn Hall
Jun  28   Felixstowe Book Festival
Sep  13   2 Sisters Arts Centre, Trimley St Mary
Oct  27   Headgate Theatre, Colchester
Jan   10   Chelmsford Community Radio
Jun   26   Felixstowe Book Fest, Old Felixstowe Comm Centre
Oct  24   Trimley Maritime Festival, 2 Sisters Arts Centre









An East Anglian Ceilidh Band