OCT 24   Trimley Maritime Festival with Martin Newell
(at Two Sisters Arts Centre, Trimley St Mary. Info. HERE)

NOV 5     Ceilidh Woodbridge Dance Focus
NOV 20  
Ceilidhs on the Move, Clopton Village Hall

DEC 31    New Year’s Eve Ceilidh, Clopton Village Hall

MAY 6      
Wingfield Barns with Blake Morrison
JUNE 1    
Essex Book Festival with Blake Morrison  venue TBC
JUNE 5     Stisted Church with Martin Newell
JUNE 11  Felixstowe Book Festival with Martin Newell at Trimley
JUNE 26  Felixstowe Book Festival with Blake Morrison
JULY 1      John Mills Theatre, Ipswich with Bake Morrison
JULY 9      Dunwich Museum with Bake Morrison
JULY 28   Colchester Arts Centre with Bake Morrison

Bracknell, Broadstairs, Cromer Pier, St Neots, Sidmouth,  Walton-on-the-Naze, Whitby, Folk East, Latitude,

Walthamstowe / Unicorn Ceilidhs / M27 Megabops / Northampton / Meltdown / Red Fox Ceilidhs / Ceilidhs on the Move / Reel Dance / Third Thursday Ceilidhs (Norwich) / Newick Ceilidhs / Knees Up (Cecil Sharp) / Hastings Old Town Ceilidhs / Toosey Dances / The Round (Cambridge) / Dances in the Barn (Sproughton) / Copford Ceilidhs / Suffolk Folk Riverside Folk Day  / Broadstairs Ceilidhs / White Horse Ceilidhs,/ New Year’s Eve, Cecil Sharp House (x 6) / Unicorn Ceilidhs / Whinburgh Music Festival  / Norfolk Ceilidhs / Oxfolk / Sheringham Park (NT) / Ansell Centre (Hadleigh) / Huntingfield Village Hall (Hub)

An East Anglian Ceilidh Band